Chained CPI

Social Security Poster: old man

Social Security Poster: old man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My wife and I went grocery shopping today. Usually she shops alone since I am an impulse shopper. If I see it and want it, I put it in the shopping cart. Although retired, I can still afford an occasional steak, I just buy smaller ones and less often. While I was employed, I liked to buy from Pfaelzer Brothers or Omaha Steaks occasionally. No more. I enjoyed HoneyBaked Hams, but the local store has closed, and HoneyBaked by mail is too expensive because of the high cost of shipping. Although the Federal government has not yet imposed a chained CPI factor on our Social Security checks, I am already learning to live as if they had. Our local grocery has reduced the size of their hamburger patties from eight to seven ounces and kept the same price. When I can no longer afford meat I guess I’ll become a vegetarian, not by choice but by necessity. We started a small garden this year and plan to enlarge it next year. I suggested to my wife that we add chickens next year. We live on a third acre and our neighbors may not appreciate the rooster or the odors. Such is life in America in 2013.

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  1. As another retired person, we are also careful about spending. We have always eaten less meat than many, but I’m now doing two meatless meals a week instead of one. Veggies and fruit can be pricy also, but at least they are healthier for you than red meat. Eat beans, too.

    • We have meat daily, but they are the cheaper cuts. Fresh fruits and vegetables are expensive, but I feel better for eating them. It is the very poor who suffer a poor diet the most.

  2. Definitely expand that garden and raise those chickens! What with all the gmo’s and all the crap the FDA allows in the food supply you’re always better off producing your own. I just wish I wasn’t such an inept gardener… 🙂

  3. Ice cream is now 56 ounces instead of 64 oz, some beer bottles I see are now 11.5 oz instead of 13 and all sorts of chips and other snacks have been reduced drastically in size. It’s inflation, alright!

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