Abolish the IRS?

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Some are calling for the abolishment of the IRS and replacing the graduated income tax with a flat tax or some variant of it such as the so-called Fair tax. In my opinion, the graduated, progressive income tax is the fairest tax we have or can have. It taxes income fairly; the more income you have, the more tax you can and should pay. A flat tax or Fair tax is a regressive tax, hitting  poor and middle incomes more heavily than the wealthy who are allowed to keep most of their income. I hate paying taxes as much as anyone, but the government requires income and it is best to collect it from those who afford to pay. Even if we abolished the income tax, the IRS would be necessary to administer whatever tax we replace it with.

Some conservatives want to go even further and abolish the so-called death tax, the inheritance tax. That would be a grave mistake. Our democracy depends on preventing the formation of dynasties, such as in Pakistan, where great wealth is permitted to perpetuate itself and the wealthy dominate politics. Louis Brandeis was an associate justice of the US Supreme Court from 1916 to 1939. He wrote that we could have democracy or great concentrations of wealth, but not both at the same time. I agree with that assessment.  The US is well on its way to becoming a third world nation of a few rich, many poor and decaying infrastructure. Abolishing the IRS and the graduated income tax would speed that process.

2 thoughts on “Abolish the IRS?

  1. A progressive tax system is the key to the success of all those other governments the Right scorns so. You know “those who must not be named”; from a continent not our own; whose government seems a very cordial kind; very gregarious; if you take my meanin’ Gov.
    Do away with the IRS?
    So then; since the wealthy typically would pay more income tax under a progressive, graduated tax system; and since the IRS would no longer be there to enforce the payment of the income tax; the wealthy would be able to avoid paying income taxes at all.
    Since the wealthy typically pay far less in the way of sales taxes and government administrative fees, etc; the poor and middle class typically pay the lions share of such fees; as so clearly demonstrated by Mitt Romney during his tenure as Governor of Massachusetts.
    As these taxes will still be easily enforcible at the “point of sale” so to speak; the poor and middle class will still be liable for all of the taxes they now pay but the wealthy could avoid theirs.
    It is a kind of sick, perverse, genius; isn’t it?
    A Right-Wing idea of freedom to be sure.
    Now if they could just figure out how to punish a black man for every crime,and provide a crime for every black man; it would be a true “Fascist Fantasia”

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