English: There is a prohibition on the use of ...

English: There is a prohibition on the use of federal government funds for abortion in the United States. However, some states fund abortions out of their own revenues. State funds abortions through legislation State funds abortions under court order (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Legal abortions in the US number about 1.2 million per year and that represents a decline and a leveling off at that number. The number one reason women give for an abortion is that a child would interfere with their lives and the number two reason is that they cannot afford a child. To reduce the number of abortions in the US, we should be trying to give mothers more options for placing children with parents who can afford them or increasing the incomes of mothers so that they can afford to keep their children themselves.

Social conservatives are focused like a laser on making abortions difficult to obtain or illegal, and I have long wondered why. I now have a theory that I am going to share with you. Some social conservatives may oppose abortion for religious or moral reasons, but I believe that Republicans are opposed to abortion for political reasons. The number of whites in the US is declining both relatively and absolutely compared to other racial groups. I believe that the GOP oppose abortion primarily among educated and affluent white women because that will reduce the number of future GOP voters. I can explain the GOP single-minded focus on abortion in no other way. The GOP will lose some women’s votes due to their perceived war on women, but they continue to insist on more abortion restrictions, contrary to Roe versus Wade.

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  1. Think closely about what these lawmakers and those who support them really want to do here. They aren’t pro-life or they would be supporting universal healthcare/nutrition and other support for any child whose mother was willing to carry the child to term instead of aborting it. So we can stop all pretense about this being about the children. They have no interest in the child who is born as a result of their insistence. An aborted fetus by definition is a fetus who isn’t equipped with enough of the resources to shelter and sustain its own life. In cultures/countries that criminalize abortion it costs the state a whole lot of money to enforce and doesn’t deliver the desired results. Portugal finally decriminalized it when they found that were largely criminalizing poor women who couldn’t afford to travel to a country where it’s legal. Most were mothers who had to leave their existing children motherless to stand punishment for seeking an abortion leaving really bad off families worse off with less of a chance for a leg up.

  2. Franks later revised his remark, saying he meant to say that later-term abortions rarely are the result of rapes, but Democrats pounced on his statement, saying it was another example of Republicans showing their insensitivity toward women.

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