John McCain waits to deliver speech in Denver,...

John McCain waits to deliver speech in Denver, Colorado on May 27, 2008 regarding nuclear security. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the John McCain version.

The category is small countries.

The answer is bomb it.

The question is how do you solve any conflict in a small country?

On Meet the Press yesterday, John McCain advocated military action in Syria because Assad has WMDs and if he hasn’t used Sarin against his own people, John McCain knows that he will. Since McCain is opposed to boots on the ground, he supports aerial attacks in support of the rebels. Since that is what he knows and what he did in the US Navy, that is what McCain always supports.

McCain is against the atrocities in Syria. What about closer to home such as the atrocities in Aurora, Colorado and Newtown, Connecticut? McCain opposes increased gun safety. And when it comes to democracy, McCain and the GOP favor democracy abroad imposed by our military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, but he and many members of the GOP support making democracy harder for some right here in the US.