Disturbing numbers

GOP Top 5: 5-17-11

GOP Top 5: 5-17-11 (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Barack Obama was re-elected convincingly in November, 2012, only six months ago. Seems like ages ago doesn’t it because of continuing GOP obstruction? When you consider the Romney candidacy, it is amazing that President Obama only won by 5 million votes; it should have been by 10s of millions of votes.

The leadership of the GOP are probably holed up in some undisclosed location plotting a comeback. If only they have a better, more conservative candidate, next time, and if only they can reduce the number of voters who might vote Democratic, they can win the next election.

Well, the GOP may be able to reduce the number of Democratic votes by changing election laws here and there. But they cannot field a more conservative candidate who will win the hearts and minds and votes of a majority of Americans. There is no such Republican candidate who can win the support of the GOP base and then pivot to win independent and Democratic votes. The only way to select a winning GOP presidential candidate would be to eliminate primaries entirely. If the GOP establishment could return to choosing a candidate in smoke-filled back rooms, they might have a chance of picking a winner.

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  1. While drawing federal districts to their advantage, Republicans also created favorable state House maps to make it harder for Democrats to wrest control of the redistricting process in 2020. In Michigan, Republican candidates won most of the 110 state House seats despite winning 350,000 fewer votes than Democrats, said Sargeant.

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