Sequester cuts

English: TSA insignia

English: TSA insignia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sequester cuts are starting to be felt around the country and the GOP are trying to blame the Obama administration for the pain, beginning with White House tours and continuing today with airport delays. It is very hard for the average person to determine how and where the cuts are applied in the budgeting process, but that is one reason we have media who have the time and expertise? to dig into the details. They exist to inform, except on FOX.

This morning, I listened to a commentator say that the 2% sequester translate into a 10% cut in salary and hours for some airport and TSA personnel over the next 5 months. That will lead to some flying delays for the general public, but not for the 1% and Congress who usually fly on private jets. I saw one comment recently by an anonymous 1%-er, “Only losers fly commercial.” With that attitude common? among our leaders, we the 99% cannot expect any relief from sequestration cuts.