3 strikes

GOP Leaders

GOP Leaders (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)

If you are a woman, you have one strike against you because of the GOP war on women.

If you are a union member, the GOP war on unions gives you strike 2.

If you work for the Postal Service, the GOP war on the USPS gives you strike 3.

If you are gay or lesbian, the GOP war on gays and lesbians gives you strike 4.

If you are here illegally,  the GOP war on the undocumented is strike 5.

If you vote Democratic or are likely to, the GOP war on voting rights is strike 6.

If you are poor and retired, the GOP war on Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid is strike 7.

If you are a student, the GOP war on low-cost student loans is strike 8.

If you are out of work, the GOP war on stimulating the economy to produce more jobs is strike 9.

If you are pregnant and need an abortion, the GOP war on Planned Parenthood and others is strike 10.

If you find yourself in one or two categories, life may be difficult; three or more and you are out of the game as far as the GOP are concerned about your welfare.

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