From the main official web site of U.S. Senato...

From the main official web site of U.S. Senator John McCain, archived in 2006 by (the material dates back at least to 2003 at McCain’s web site). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

John McCain and the rest of the GOP have discovered a new word “metrics” and will use it to demand a difficult-to-meet trigger in the immigration reform bill. They and we know how many undocumented are captured on our borders each year. Now they want to know how many cross into the US and are not caught. They will use those two numbers to calculate the capture rate, the Border Patrol’s batting average in other words. The GOP want to set the trigger for a path to citizenship as close to 100% as they can to delay the path to citizenship as long as they can. A path to citizenship will be written into the law, but it will be like the distant mirage of water in the desert on a hot summer day. Once you get close to it, it will disappear. The purpose of the GOP is to appear supportive of a path to citizenship without actually supporting a real path. They are hoping that voters won’t notice.

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