I accuse

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The red “GOP” logo used by the party for its website (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I accuse the Current Leadership of the GOP (CLOGOP) of knowing better when it comes to the austerity they want to impose on the country. They know that Keynesian stimulus works to boost employment and GNP. The GOP has used stimulus repeatedly in the past to win elections when they were in power, and they followed re-election with a mild recession to offset the previous stimulus. They know it works. Herbert Hoover did not know it worked, and austerity in the 1930s made the Great Depression longer and more severe.

Now the CLOGOP are using the threat of more austerity to prolong the Great Recession for political gain. They don’t care about the suffering of Americans losing homes, jobs and access to health care. They intend to punish us until we vote to return the GOP to power in Washington, DC. The Great Recession is only an inconvenience to their masters, the 1%. The stock market is at record highs, reflecting the state of mind of the 1%, who own most of the stock.

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  1. If the economy improves, the Republicans will have nothing to run against except to say that the numbers are lying because the President is having people cook them. Remember all the fuss when unemployment went below 8%?

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    You make a great point in that this is political posturing, though I disagree with keyensian monetary policies work. In the long term they further weaken an economy.

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