Topographic map of Pakistan

Topographic map of Pakistan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Justice is the result of a system for settling disputes that allows people to live together in relative harmony. In theory, justice should be available to all without regard to differences in status or wealth. In the West, we have a system that uses courts, judges and lawyers to dispense justice. It is an expensive system in time and resources that is suitable only for relatively wealthy countries. Poor nations frequently use a less costly system where a tribal leader decides disputes or a council of tribal leaders may be involved. In some countries, such as Pakistan, a western-style system of courts has been grafted onto the native system. Both systems are operative at the same time and plaintiffs have some choice as to which system they will use. Neither system is perfect, and both systems are subject to corruption. Wealthy individuals often use their wealth to obtain favorable rulings, denying true justice to the less wealthy.

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