85 degrees F

English: Ventura, viewed from the northwest; t...

English: Ventura, viewed from the northwest; the Ventura/San Miguelito Oil Field is in the foreground (July 31, 2009). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Driving through LA yesterday, my car’s thermometer registered 85 degrees Fahrenheit. When I reached my destination in Ventura on the coast the temperature was 78 degrees F. In summer in California, the coast is usually cooler and inland is warmer. In winter, it is usually reversed with the coast warmer than the interior. 85 degrees is unusually warm for January. One week ago below freezing temperatures were threatening citrus crops as far south as San Diego. An erratic jet stream is blamed for the wild swings in temperature.

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  1. Naahhh. We always get nice weather in January–at least to my 20 odd year recollection as an avid outdoor enthusiast. Makes up for the high cost of living in Cally…Great pic. Very clickable!! 🙂

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