United States map of 1865, show affiliation of...

United States map of 1865, show affiliation of states and territories regarding the Secession War (Civil War.) Legend: Union states Union territories not permitting slavery Border Union states, permitting slavery Bleeding Kansas, entered Union Confederate states Union territories permitting slavery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some poor losers of the 2012 election in Texas and elsewhere want to secede, again. The Civil war decided that unilateral secession is not an option. I suppose that a state could secede if the rest of the country approved. However, the secession advocates might want to reconsider once they realize that dollars from Washington would cease. No foreign aid to former states of the Union. As a precondition to peaceful secession, I would require that Texas, or other seceding state, reimburse the US Treasury for infrastructure paid for by taxes that the rest of us paid. If still determined to secede and unable to afford to pay their own way, a seceding state might opt for being purchased by another country, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia or perhaps Mexico. If Texas were purchased by Mexico, it would be necessary to move the border fence between Texas and Mexico farther north.