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I favor the repeal of the second amendment to the Constitution (gun rights) and the twenty-second (presidential term limits). I realize that neither amendment is likely to be repealed anytime soon, but I still support their repeal.

Some on the Right have a longer list they want to repeal in addition to the enactment of the cut, cap and balance amendment. I oppose that amendment not only for the straitjacket it would impose on Federal spending during emergencies, but also because the proponents of the amendment want to cap Federal expenditures at a ridiculously low-level, 18% of GDP. Historically, Federal expenditures have been around 21-22% of GDP, and higher during recessions and war. If the supporters of cut, cap and balance have their way, most of the government safety net will disappear permanently, and that is their goal. The key word in cut, cap and balance is “cut.” Supporters don’t talk about what they will cut; they emphasize balance instead.

3 thoughts on “Repeal

  1. Eye-opening segment on Melissa Harris-Perry this morning on Presidential Powers. Faced with a new term, heavy issues on the table — the economy, an obstructionist GOP holding us and the global economy hostage, a fake deficit crisis — Obama may be consider halting the Constitution as Lincoln did, declare martial law, mint a $1 trillion coin to get us on track. A guest on the show said he is not limited to the $1 trillion amount.

    Something is in the works.

    MHP: Is the only way to save the Constitution to violate the Constitution?

    • I saw a portion of the show, and I plan to see Lincoln on Monday. I think that in his second term we are going to get the Obama I voted for in his first term.

      • I think so too, Walt. He’s been playing chess in this swamp filled with alligators and snakes. Now that he knows what he’s dealing with, he may very well finish the game in the next four years.

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