Regaining the Center

Following President Obama’s 2008 election and the wide spread rejection of the George W Bush (Dick Cheney tainted) Republican Party, many pundits wondered whether it would be decades before the GOP regained favor with the electorate.  Then something strange took place.  The GOP just said “no” to anything and everything the President requested.

Executive appointments to key cabinet departments as well as the Federal Courts went unreviewed.  No action was the same as a veto.  After the Affordable Care Act was passed (Democrat controlled Congress), the next two years were spent trying to repeal it (rather than trying to fix and improve it).  

The deficit was the central issue yet Republicans thought we were not spending enough on defense.  Threatening a government shut down coupled with walking away from US creditors, even when it resulted in a lowering of the nation’s credit rating seemed the preferred GOP behavior.  No…

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