Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas (Photo credit: nedrichards)

My wife and I finally saw Cloud Atlas last evening and both of us were disappointed at its length, 2 3/4 hours, its violence and the disjointed story lines, making it hard to follow. Cloud Atlas tells six separate, but connected stories, over a period of 300+ years, and three different directors told two stories each. Some of the dialogue was very difficult to understand, partly due to my hearing loss. Sub-titles would be a welcome addition to the film. The best part of the film in the opinion of some were the computer graphics depicting New Seoul, Korea, approximately 130 years in the future. They were a brilliant cross of Matrix, Tron and Star Wars.

2 thoughts on “Cloud Atlas

  1. I beg to disagree, I saw Cloud Atlas, and the intertwining of the story line was fantastic, if you paid attention you would find it comprised of telling the stories of these people intertwined in karmic fashion. Each life lived connected with the next one shown, as connected by the meoter like birthmark each person carried. It was a well made beautiful story of intertwining lives and how each lived affected the next one to come. From start to finish, it showed how each persons actions affected next life to come and so on. I found it very refreshing to have such a fantastic story and will certainly but the book.

    • I wanted to read the book first, but I do intend to read it soon. Perhaps then my opinion of the film will be better. Part of the problem was that I could not hear or understand much of the dialogue. I still contend that the violence was too graphic. Thanks for your comments.

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