Violence in our society

Assault Weapons

Assault Weapons (Photo credit: borkazoid)

I support taking assault weapons out of our culture period. That would include the hands of our military. If we must fight wars, let’s do it with less fire power and more thought.

That said, I think our pop culture, movies, TV and video games are way too violent. As someone who worked in the healthcare environment for more than twenty years, I have seen firsthand how fragile the human body is, and I know how limited our medicine is in restoring health after trauma. Our pop culture glorifies violence and ignores the real world trauma and damage that fists, bullets and car crashes do to the human body as well as the human mind. We are only now beginning to realize the damage that football does to those who suffer concussions.

5 thoughts on “Violence in our society

  1. I think inforcing insurance for gun owners is a good idea. This may hold them accountable. Just as car insurance is a must it holds adults accountable for their children who borrow their cars.

  2. I would definitely support removing assault weapons from our culture. I have always been a big defender of our second amendment right to own and carry. I have been struggling with the assault weapon issue for some time and I have come to the conclusion that it’s time to evolve.

    I don’t see a need for assault weapons in the hands of civilians. My reasons for this are more complex than I will go into here but suffice to say that my reasoning has been altered by recent events. For me Sandy Hook was the last in a long series of straws.

    So; while I still support gun ownership; hunting; markmanship; I am very willing to discuss an assault weapons ban. I do think though that if we are going to do away with assault weapons it will not be sufficient to stop the sale of them by the manufacturers. And there is the rub. How do we take away assault weapons already legally owned. Short answer; we don’t; we can’t but there may be ways we can encourage the relinquishing of such weapons.

    Man did I veer from the point. I agree with you that all assault weapons should be included. If we take them from civilians; we must take them from the police. We must also take them from military serving on US soil. So even if the military becomes involved in an incident; the damage and injury they can do is limited. Assault weapons should not even be stored here for use overseas.

    If they aren’t here they can’t be issued to soldiers or police serving on US soil.

    One of the main reasons that gun proponents refuse to discuss relinquishing the right to own assault weapons is; whether or not we think it valid; that they fear they may have to defend themselves against their neigbors or even their own government.

    Between you and me; I suspect they are also arming for a possible future coup to sieze power for the Republican or Libertarian cause. However spurious their real reason; it is hard to argue when they claim to be defending their family.

    If however; the police and military also had no assault weapons to use against our citizens in some future internal conflict; perhaps they would feel less of a need for their own assault weapons to defend against them.

    It is a complex issue from both sides and I see the logic of both sides but it is too late to talk about respponsible assault weapon ownership; too late to roll back the clock. Now we must find a way to stop the slaughter of our children and their children. We must stop it now; so long plans that remove the treat over tiome are no good. Eez’ a puzzlement; no?

    • I think that we should consider requiring that private owners of guns buy liability insurance each year. Premiums would be higher for assault type weapons than for other types of weapons. There would be discounts for gun owners with good safety records. Thank you for your thoughts. We have a long way to go.

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