Congregational Church - Wakefield, MA

Congregational Church – Wakefield, MA (Photo credit: Lucius Beebe Memorial Library)

The quotation that follows is from Neither East Nor West by Christiane Bird. She and I both were raised in the Congregational Church which has become the United Church of Christ to which Barack Obama belonged in Chicago.

“I’ve never understood the fuss regarding different organized religions. Though nominally a Christian, I view most of the world’s religions–and especially Christianity, Judaism and Islam–as being remarkably alike. Christians, Jews and Muslims all believe in one god, in doing the right thing, in certain prophets, and in the power of prayer. So how can so much hatred be expended on minor differences when many of the major beliefs are shared? A hopelessly naïve question, I’m sure, but nevertheless– I greatly admire truly spiritual people of all regions but cannot understand their fundamentalist counterparts.”