Iran part 2

English: North Iran Jungles

English: North Iran Jungles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Iran is mostly desert and in area is three times the size of Texas. On the north, it borders the Caspian Sea which is really a lake, not a sea, and is five times the size of Lake Superior. Although mostly desert, there is an Iranian district in the northeastern part of the country that gave us its Persian name to our word for jungle. And near that district are the remains of a remote fortress that was for a time the headquarters of a religious sect that practiced assassination and gave us the word assassin. Living in largely desert, Iranians prize greenery, and most Iranian homes have a prized garden with fountains behind their walls.

The infrastructure and bureaucracy of Iran make travel within the country difficult. However, as I read about the country, I try to find places using Google Earth. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of photos of Iranian buildings and the landscape available on Google Earth. I was surprised at how green and beautiful the holy city of Mashhad in the northeastern part of the country is. Mashhad is Iran’s second most populous city and also a center of manufacturing. Iranians are avid skiers, mountain climbers and hang-gliding enthusiasts. The games of backgammon and chess are Iranian (Persian).

I would certainly like to visit the country if the infrastructure made travel easier. Iranians are very hospitable people and extend a warm welcome to Americans. It is our government’s policies that they dislike. A typical Iranian home has little or no furniture. The floors are covered with Persian rugs and people visit, eat and sleep on the floor. Thus an Iranian home can accommodate many visitors overnight by bringing mattresses out of hiding in closets and spreading them on the floor.

My recommended reading list:

  1. Neither East Nor West by Christiane Bird
  2. The Ayatollah Begs to Differ by Hooman Majd
  3. The Ayatollahs‘ Democracy by Hooman Majd
  4. Persian Mirrors by Eleaine Sciolino
  5. All the Shah’s Men by Stephen Kinzer
  6. Negotiating with Iran by John Limbert

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English: Southern Caspian Energy Prospects por...

English: Southern Caspian Energy Prospects portion of Iran Country Profile 2004 source (CIA map) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. You crafty devil. I see your plan. your hoping that by aquainting us with the people and the land of Iran; we will begin to feel a kinship with them and then perhaps encourage our government not to drop the bomb or send the troops. Perhaps you feel that our government should act out of compassion for the Iranian people rather than kissing the ass of the Fascist, Netenyahu and his band of Nazi thugs; helping them to get rid of their political enemies and maintain a state of false crisis in Israel. Perhaps. I know I do.

    Well I hope it works. We need to see the Iranian people as more than a faceless crowd of anti-american jihadists. We need to understand the difference between the people and their fanatical leaders and we need to see the difference between their feeling toward us and our government’s anti-Iranian policies. Keep o keepin’ on. Peace

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