Cory Booker

English: Cory Booker, mayor of Newark, New Jersey

English: Cory Booker, mayor of Newark, New Jersey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cory Booker, the high-profile mayor of Newark, New Jersey, intends to live on a food-stamp budget for one week to demonstrate how difficult it is to do. I wish him well, I am looking forward to his reaction and report on the experience. I wish that every critic of food stamps and hunger in America would take a food-stamp challenge before uttering any criticism. As I watch the well-fed pundits and politicians on TV, I know that none of them are hungry.

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    • Someone else, don’t recall who, did a short food-stamp challenge recently and reported that even after a few days, he was depressed and found it difficult to concentrate. With food expected to rise 15% in next 12 months, Social Security up only 1.7% and GOP advocating cutting cost of living adjustments, hunger in America can only increase. I tried dry cat food, it’s bitter, but I can’t stand odor of wet cat food. No way I’ll eat that stuff and I refuse to sanction anyone else being forced to.

      • Me too. I also think before any person talks “entitlement reform” that the person be forced to live on “entitlements” only for one year. After that year of surviving on entitlements only, then talk to me about reforms.

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