Young Guns part 2

English: Official portrait of Congressman Kevi...

English: Official portrait of Congressman Kevin McCarthy (R-CA22) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The GOP members of Congress who style themselves as the Young Guns are Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy. McCarthy may be the least known of the three, but he also may be the one who does the most damage. Representing the California district that includes Bakersfield, his job is to recruit GOP Congressional candidates. Describing the qualities he is looking for, he makes it sound as though the perfect candidate is a TEA Party/ Young Guns clone. If the next Congress is as obstructive as the current one, we will have McCarthy and Elbridge Gerry’s legacy to thank. The GOP has Gerrymandered several states since the 2010 election.

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      • Amazing isn’t it? We bought here because it was affordable. If we had known how red it is here, we would have stayed along the coast at the higher price. This is oil and farm country. Go figure.

      • We moved to Utah for the housing prices, ignoring the fact that it is the reddest part of the country. Politics were less important to us then than they are now. Love the coast but can’t afford to retire there.

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