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Daffy definition, retirement: putting four new tires on the family car.

Talk in Washington these days is of raising the retirement age. WRONG. Instead of raising the retirement age, they should be considering lowering it so that there is more room for advancement for younger workers. I would like to see the retirement age lowered in steps to age 50. After age 50, workers could elect to retire or to work part-time. If a worker elected to work 3 days per week, he/she would receive 60% of his/her wages from the employer and 40% of his/her Social Security and Medicare benefits.

This would be a way to keep working at a reduced pace and slide into retirement gradually. It is not easy, in my opinion, to work for 40-50 years and then retire “cold turkey.” I retired gradually and found the adjustment easier than if I had tried to retire in one full swoop.

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  1. Retiring with benefits by age 50 sounds good. Unfortunately, the instances under which you can qualify for early retirement benefits by that age are rare. It often requires unfortunate circumstances like the death of a spouse. Also, the per-payment benefits are typically less than you might receive at the standard retirement ages.

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