Great presidents

Franklin D Roosevelt Memorial

Franklin D Roosevelt Memorial (Photo credit: nataliemarchant)

It is generally conceded that the US has had three and only three great presidents: Washington, Lincoln and FDR. Since great presidents are spaced 64 to 68 years apart, a great president is a once in a lifetime event. I missed FDR since I was only 4 years old when he died and I don’t remember him. I do remember Truman.  2009 was 64 years after FDR’s death and 2013 will be 68 years after his death. That means, if the pattern holds, that Barack Obama will be considered a great president by future historians. We need a great president now and I want to be an eyewitness to history now. I do not want to wait to 2017 or 2021, and the nation must not suffer Republican obstruction and intransigence for another four years. Let us help President Obama achieve the greatness I believe is within him and that we so desperately need.