A Little Tour in Yellow

In Ayn Rand’s fiction, John Galt is an exceptionally talented individualist, philosopher, and creator.  He stands for achievement largely by opposing socialism and embracing individual self-interest.

In Atlas Shrugged, Galt is the man behind a strike of industrialists, businessmen, and creators determined to stop the corrupt — because it is socialist — “motor of the world.”  They withhold their skills and production, claiming that they have no practical or moral obligation to help others who cannot help themselves.  They create and achieve to serve their needs only.  Any external benefit…well, you have no right to be thankful, but be thankful anyway.

This stylized philosophy of selfishness increasingly has been embraced by today’s GOP conservatives, including Paul Ryan, the man who wanted to be our country’s vice president.   This is also the party that claims it represents the best interests of all Americans, including working Americans.

How does this…

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