Traffic flow

English: Traffic congestion at Freeway 405, ne...

English: Traffic congestion at Freeway 405, near Santa Monica and LAX, Los Angeles, California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have just returned to Saint George from our annual visit with our son in Ventura, California for the Thanksgiving holiday. I visited him in August for a week’s vacation in June Lake. Between the August and the November visits, I noticed a striking change in the way Los Angeles freeway traffic is presented to TV viewers, and I was very impressed. Freeways are now shown as thin colored, parallel lines that flow in two directions, mimicking traffic flow. Normal traffic flow is green, congested flow is yellow and stop-and-go traffic is red. It is possible to see at a glance how traffic is moving in an area in which the viewer is interested. I usually avoid LA whenever possible, but I could easily see the usual rush hour traffic patterns where traffic was slowed by major interchanges. I assume that the length of the red sections were directly linked to the severity of traffic congestion. I was very impressed at how readily information can be conveyed by the imaginative use of maps and graphic symbols.