Ambassador Romney?

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English: Cayman Islands National Museum in George Town, Grand Cayman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If Mitt were to decide to join the Obama administration, I think that he would make a good ambassador to the Cayman Islands, or to Switzerland. There he would be close to his money. Or like Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. before him, he could be ambassador to China although he does not speak the language. He could visit all the jobs that he has sent there.

His father George was a member of the Nixon cabinet during Nixon’s first term as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Although he criticized the idea during the campaign, Mitt could serve the country as our first Secretary of Business.

2 thoughts on “Ambassador Romney?

  1. That’s a thought. I’m not sure it’s a good thought. I wish there was some way we could use Mitt as a sort of economic weapon. Allowing for the possibility that he was not really ba-a-d; just inaccurately aimed. Seriously though; The President’s comment at the press conference yesterday was a little chilling for me. He didn’t rule out the possibility that Mitt might have a roll in his administration. I don’t see how the president could ever trust him after the blatant display of deceipt and lies that we were treated to for the last two years. I mean; no doubt Mitt could blend in. He Wouldn’t have a problem Flipping; or is it Flopping? Whatever; the man is a political chameleon. But once a piece of offal; always a piece of offal; I always say. No seriously; sometimes I just shuffle around saying that. LOL

    I say Mitt’s a wee bit too tricksy and bears watchin’; I does. I ‘ope The Pres. is so inclined as I.

    • Probably Mitt would decline although he does have his Massachusetts experience with education and healthcare. If Huntsman were Secretary of State with Romney in the cabinet, that would put 2 Mormon Republicans in a Democratic administration.

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