Southwestern Utah Landscape

Southwestern Utah Landscape (Photo credit: J. Stephen Conn)

Saint George, in Southwestern Utah, is home to about 60,000 people and was founded by the Mormon church to supply the state with cotton and other warm weather produce. One of the founding families were Mitt Romney‘s ancestors. Bluff Street is one of a handful of major thoroughfares in the city. It possesses an interchange with Interstate 15, our gateway north to Salt Lake City and south to Las Vegas, an hour and a half away at 80 miles per hour. Mitt’s campaign bus drove through Saint George on its way to Las Vegas a few weeks ago. Mitt was scheduled to stop here, but at the last-minute, he flew to Sarasota, Florida instead. He rejoined the bus the next day in Las Vegas.

Bluff Street is well-marked at the interchange at mile post 6 and may have put the word in the minds of the campaign staff remaining on the bus. In any event, the Romney campaign has decided to bluff the media on the status of the race. They falsely claim momentum and that they are tied with or leading President Obama. It is a technique used by Karl Rove in 2000 and 2004 to fire up the GOP base and discourage Democratic voters. This time the technique will fail.

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  1. I lived in Orange County, CA for several years. Having grown up on the East Coast, the West was unique and thrilling to me. I made frequent trips to the desert, including one visit to Saint George about 8 years ago. At the height of the housing bubble, I was considering investment property there, but changed course. The only other part of Utah I visited was Zion, which was beautiful. I miss it out there.

    • I moved from Chicago to Santa Barbara in 1965 and from there to Saint George in 2003 to take advantage of low housing prices. Left housing at $460 square foot to $64 square foot. Prices doubled and now have fallen back to about $70. We love it here except in July and August.

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