Lies and myths

A reader of this blog accuses me of character assassination of Mitt Romney because I call Mitt out for his lies. You cannot be guilty of character assassination if the so-called victim lacks character. If Mitt will stop telling lies, I will stop calling him a liar. Until then, I will call them as I see them.

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  1. I am just a bit weary of walking on eggshells everytime I speak with a republican or about republicans I’m tired of not saying what I think in order to be polite and not seem extreme. I also hate to generalise but I believe that so many republicans fit this description that I will go ahead. I recognize that NOT ALL republicans fit this description but enough do to make them a serious threat the future of our nation as a country seeking to perfect the ideal of freedom.

    Mitt Romney will never stop lying. He was raised by republicans; he is a republican. People are drawn to the republican party because they are a certain type of person.
    The first type is a person who likes to have everything he does and does not do decided for him. He accepts what he is told without investigating to discover if it is the truth. his party and their platform is his security blanket. This man has a need to be right even if he is wrong so he will not accept the possibility that he is wrong. Because he is incapable of forming his own opinions and standing up alone for them (he is in essence a coward when alone) he requires the constant reassurance of his party and his church that he is a good and righteous person; for which assurance, he is willing to give up his right to freewill and independent thought. he will do and vote as he is instructed to by his party; always. He may be an honest man. He may be a nice man. He may even be an intelligent man. But he is by no means to be considered a wise man. He is generally unable to tell right from wrong and so needs to be told which is which by his church and/or his party. Many of this type of republican are also Fundamentalist Christians. It is not difficult to see that a person who is impressed and mezmerized by the dramatic and energetic show of speaking in tounges, shaking and quaking; rolling around the floor; screaming and passing out; and the emotionally charged faux healings that take place in these “Churches” would be easy converts to a political party like the Republicans or the Nazis; both of whom use grandiose statements and promises; great patriotic rallys where the dictates and policies of the party are drilled into the minds of the masses by the use of overly emotional and highly charged speeches touting the glorious history of the nation; the virtuous nature of it’s founders and heros; and the direct connection of these worthies to the party officials and candidates seen before them. They play patriotic music; wave the flag and continuously raise the level of franetic energy until the crowds of followers are virtually hyptnotized into a false sense of security by the constant assurance that the party knows what the best plan for us is. That they are in control and working from a clear set of principles set down by the founders and protected by the heros. These people feel all warm and fuzzy and safe within the embrace of their wise all-american party and their tactilly satisfying and emotionally moving church.

    The second is a person who is driven. They are driven to succeed both financially and socially. They have vast amounts of self-confidence bordering or over the line into severe narcisism. (Mitt is an excellent example of this type) These people are sure of everything. They are just as incapable of independent thought as type 1 but once they are instucted as to the correct course; they become rabid in their desire to force everyone to live by those same beliefs and are willing to do anything to get their way. They have no conscience. Many are sociopaths; having no understanding or care for the effect of their actions on others. Serial killers are also sociopaths but with a more personally violent nature and desire to experience the hands on killing process in one form or another. But type 2 republicans who are sociopaths are mostly satisfied to do their killing from a distance by the use of laws; punishments; and oppression. They enjoy the suffering of others as much as the serial killer but are too embroiled in their sense of self worth and righteous purpose to allow themselves to be seen as the killer. These are the republican leaders and fanatic movers and shakers who ever press their case to the people and the Congress in an attempt to expand their influence over our entire nation and eventually the entire world. Because these people are of a uniquely focused mindset; they are adept at amassing wealth and because they are generally raised by parents who are also republican; they are not taught the basic rules of fair-play; compassion for others; sharing; equality; honesty or the value of the truth. Rather they are taught pragmatism; greed; manipulation; deceipt; and bigotry. So in type 2 republicans; the leaders; we have a narcicistic, self-righteous criminal with no sense of right and wrong who cares nothing for the feelings of others and desire to force his will on the world.

    • Another way of looking at it is Republicans are patriarchal while Democrats are matriarchal or more inclined to a sharing of parenting responsibility. It’s father knows best and do as I say versus group decisions.

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