Lies, damned lies and the GOP


MARTHA RADDATZ (Photo credit: RubyGoes)

Martha Raddatz, who moderated the debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan, is being criticized by the Right for insisting on answers to tough questions. But that is what the media are supposed to do and that is why the media have a special place in our Constitution. The Right have browbeaten the media in recent years, falsely accusing the “lamestream media” of a liberal bias. The GOP have become so accustomed to the browbeaten media and the propaganda of FOX News, unfair and unbalanced, that they have forgotten how to respond to a professional reporter doing her job.

3 thoughts on “Lies, damned lies and the GOP

  1. Well, the Citizens United decision may have allowed multi-billion-dollar corporations to dominate the fundraising and advertising process when it comes to elections, but they haven’t yet been able to buy the entire media, and that really pisses the GOP off. Too bad, fellas – some people’s minds are not yet bought and owned by the Koch brothers and their fellow right-wing tycoons. Remember, before corporations became people, PEOPLE (like Martha Raddatz) were people, and whether you like it or not, they didn’t lose their free speech rights after that Supreme Court abomination known as Citizen’s United.

  2. What about CNN? Talk about browbeaten. Notice how they never aired any conspiracy theories vis-a-vis the alleged Pentagon airplane strike on 911? Tell me how a 747 enters a building leaving only a 16 foot wide hole and no visible fuselage, and then talk to me about news veracity…Good write. It definitely got me to thinking!

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