Ex-Lax for Mitt

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mitt‘s lies are full of S—T.

That is a characterization of the content of his speeches, not of his person. To dramatize how Obama supporters view Mitt’s words, I propose that each of us mail a sample of Ex-Lax or equal to Mitt at this address:

Romney for President
P. O. Box 149756
Boston, Massachusetts 02114-9756

If you agree that this a good idea, please reblog this message so that as many people as possible see it. At the same time you mail a package to Mitt, I suggest a donation of equal value to the Obama campaign at www.barackobama.com

I want the Boston post office and the Romney campaign to think that the Christmas rush has arrived two months early. I will notify the Boston media what to expect. If we manage to inundate the Romney campaign with packages of Ex-Lax demonstrating how we feel about Mitt’s lies, we may receive local and/or national media attention. I suggest that you write Ex-Lax for Mitt on the outside of the package so that everyone will know what’s in the box without the need to open it.

It is time to demonstrate to Mitt and to the world that many Americans will not stand idly by as the media ignore Mitt’s lying.


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    This is just such a great idea that I couldn’t resist reblogging it. If there’s anything that symbolizes the type of crap Romney spews in public, it’s Ex-Lax.

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