How much is enough?

How much money is enough? One million, 50 million, 1 billion? How much money is enough to afford everything you dreamed of for the rest of your life? Do you need 7 homes, a private jet, a yacht and enough money to buy a Congressman or two? How much money is enough when much of humanity lives on a few dollars a day?

How much education is enough when most new jobs are service jobs that may require only an 8th grade education? Teachers, stock brokers, lobbyists, engineers and CEOs may require an advanced degree, but how much education should a citizen receive? Does a citizen require a high school diploma or a college degree to be an informed voter? The GOP are making a college degree more difficult to obtain as well as making it harder to vote. The media are failing to inform us on the important issues of the day. How much education do the majority need to be good and informed citizens in a democracy?