Who is Mitt Romney?

Who is Mitt Romney?

Who is John Galt? That is the question that recurs often in Ayn rand’s Atlas Shrugged. John Galt was the inventor of perpetual motion in the form of a motor that ran on the static electricity found in the atmosphere. John Galt abandoned his invention because he would have been required to share the rewards with others, rather than be compensated solely for his invention. Ayn rand preached that builders and inventors were the people who held society together. She urged that the risk takers should go on strike, leaving the looters and moochers to fend for themselves. She argued that society would collapse without them, the job creators of today’s GOP.

Who is Mitt Romney? We don’t know who Mitt Romney really is. He won’t release his tax returns for more than two years. He changes his position hourly. In his book, No Apology, he tries to take opposing positions on most questions of the day. In Ayn Rand’s book, we finally do learn who John Galt is. He is a paragon of virtues, without human frailties. When if ever will we learn who Mitt Romney is?