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Mitt Romney

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We have elected unqualified presidents before. Most have served one term and then been forgotten. Some, such as George W. Bush have served two terms. Mitt Romney could probably serve one term adequately in less demanding times. However, we need more than that in our president in these demanding times. We need a qualified president to defend us abroad and revive the economy at home. We have an accumulation of problems that have been neglected and allowed to fester. Our democracy is weakened by the rapid disappearance of the middle class.

Mitt Romney is probably a good man. He is a husband, parent and member of his church. He probably broke no laws at Bain or on his taxes, but those laws need to be changed. We cannot afford to take a chance with Mitt when we already have a good man in the White House. We must not try to change horses in midstream.

8 thoughts on “Not qualified

  1. That should tell you all you need in knowing.

    What being the problem with BARACK is the
    damage to the brain via the misuse of drugs.

    Barack’s has no consciousness doing wrong
    hence the choosen // by his wealthy backers

    Ultimate aim of his backers be the bombing
    as the invasion of IRAN. $millions in having
    been spent to place handpicked politicians
    whom’s only purpose /their building up anti
    muslim propaganda /via mainstream media.

    The election of BARACK for another term in
    office / resulting with direst of consequences.

  2. To say you must not change horses midstream
    is not the case /such reality being the opposite.

    BARACK rather protect the rights of the people
    removed the few rights they had still remaining.

    BARACK is the Al Capone of politics a fraudster
    coming to office then broke each promise given.
    Another election and its another batch of empty
    promises / his flagship promise a Healthcare Bill
    which but a total fraud its funding only exists in
    the “Twilight Zone” / by the time the fraud seen
    BARACK being long gone. The nation then left
    in a appalling situation /millions left in the direst
    circumstances / in struggling to cope with living
    due financial problems / in meeting their needs.

    Calling BARACK a horse is a insult to the horse
    BARACK is but a used car salesman whom sells
    cars not roadworthy / he be such an convincing
    liar that his wealthy backers in awe at his ability
    to deceive the people / that they awarded him a
    “NOBEL PRIZE”. It’s time for BARACK to depart.

    • I recently saw a list of 180-190 promises that he kept. Our present economy is the legacy of GW Bush and the GOP in Congress who are inflicting economic pain on the nation until we capitulate and allow them back in power.

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