Reality (Photo credit: nualabugeye)

A Tale of Two Cities: Romneyworld and Reality

In Romneyworld, there is no hunger or poverty
In Romneyworld, 47% of the people are dependent on government
And that is how one party wants it
In Romneyworld, votes are purchased, as is everything else
In Romneyworld, liberty and democracy are slogans,
used only to lure the young to fight and die abroad.
In Romneyworld, truth and lies are interchangeable
War is peace and love is hate
In Romneyworld, there is no place for freedom,
freedom of speech, and democracy in the USA.

In reality, hunger, homelessness and poverty ravage the land.
In reality, taxes on the 99% allow the 1% to live a life of leisure.
In reality, too big to fail is too big to care.
In reality, do not dare to question your leaders
In reality, the only number that counts is the dollars of your wealth.