Romney care

English: President signing the Medicare Bill a...

English: President signing the Medicare Bill at the in . Former President is seated at the table with President Johnson. The following are in the background (from left to right): Senator , an unidentified man, , Senator , Vice President , and . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Mitt doesn’t care, and I don’t care about Mitt. I am a proud member of the 99% and the 47%. I began working at age 20 and I worked for 50 years until age 70. During those years I paid Federal income tax each and every year, and I probably paid that tax at a higher rate most years than Mitt paid in 2010. I paid Social Security tax to the maximum each year until the maximum was raised higher than my income and I paid Medicare every year that Medicare withholding was in force. Now I don’t pay Federal income tax because my wife and I are living on two very small pensions that are not indexed for inflation and Social Security which is not indexed adequately for inflation. I am part of the 47% and I will vote to re-elect President Obama because he is and will be the better President.