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Courage and Consequence, My life as a Conservative in the Fight by Karl Rove. One thing that I noted repeatedly throughout this book is that Rove chooses his words very carefully when he describes dirty tricks that he has been accused of. Rather than say that he is innocent, he will say that there is no proof. In my personal opinion, in helping to elect George W. Bush and then re-elect him, Karl Rove has the suffering and deaths of millions of people to answer for. I would not want to have the burden of his conscience, if any.

During his White House years, Rove was privy to Bush’s plans to privatize Social Security. In Bush’s first term, 9-11 intervened to divert the nation’s attention from Social Security reform and Katrina had the same effect in Bush’s second term. The Bush plan included raising the full retirement age from 67 to 70 years.

In summary, this book is an interesting read that must be read carefully to decipher what Rove is really saying. It is 520 pages long, of which Rove devotes 515 pages to justifying his and Bush’s actions. He devotes 5 pages at the end to bashing Barack Obama.