Sex, lies and videotapes

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

By now people should be realizing that it does not matter what Mitt says live or on tape. He lies all the time and his supporters don’t care. No one is going to vote for Mitt except the members of his extended family and some members of his church. Almost all the votes he will receive will be votes against Barack Obama, not votes for Mitt Romney. So far there has been no sex scandal in this campaign. If there were, perhaps Ann Romney would endorse President Obama.

2 thoughts on “Sex, lies and videotapes

  1. Where is a politician that does not lie?

    I think they all over promise an under deliver. I remember when our president told us all that health care negotiations would not be behind closed doors but live on C-Span. (My source shows a few other items as well)

    My source is live video from him

    I am not saying that Romney will be a better or worse at lying. I’m just a non-biased voice.

    • Circumstances do change and I am not against a change of mind or heart. However, in his book No Apology, Mitt takes all sides of most every question. I strive for the truth in this blog and I believe that Barack does too. Like Bush with Putin, I gazed into Barack’s eyes when we met at a fundraiser and I took his measure. Mitt is here tomorrow and I will try to assess him if I can get close.

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