Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?

Alan Greenspan, former chairman of the Board o...

Alan Greenspan, former chairman of the Board of Governors, The Federal Reserve Board, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The answer is hell yes. We are out of Iraq and we are drawing down our troops in Afghanistan. Bin Laden is dead and al-Qaeda is on the run. The economy is improving slowly from the Great Recession. Too many are still unemployed and the housing bubble is not over. Who shall we thank for the state of the economy? Republicans in Congress who have attempted to block every one of President Obama’s initiatives.

We can rightly blame GW Bush and Alan Greenspan for not preventing the Great Recession and the housing bubble. After 3-4 years, Barack has rightly taken ownership of the economy. He acted to prevent it from becoming the Great Depression 2. It seems that most people don’t realize how bad the economic situation was and capable of becoming. Too many believe the GOP mantra that it is Obama’s fault, while the GOP are doing everything in their power to prolong the slow recovery until after the election. It is the same strategy used by the CIA under Nixon’s direction to overthrow the Allende government in Chile in 1971. Now the people of the US are learning what it is like to be on the wrong end of economic warfare.