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Paul Ryan Cuts $120 Million In Wasteful Spending From Romney Campaign


WASHINGTON—Back on the campaign trail this weekend following the Republican National Convention, vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan recommended more than $120 million in cuts to what he called the “excessive, wasteful, and frankly irresponsible” amount of money being spent to elect Mitt Romney. “We’re looking at upwards of $15,000 a day on hotel and restaurant expenses alone—there are any number things we need to just slash and hack here,” Ryan told reporters Sunday, pointing to a bar graph outlining the budgets of the Romney campaign, the Republican Party, and various friendly super PACs. “This kind of runaway spending is unsustainable and has no place in our political system.” Ryan added that while normally he is only in favor of austerity measures for the poor and middle class, Romney’s election funding was simply ridiculous.

Paul Ryan…

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  1. The House Budget Committee chairman was chosen ahead of Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio. A campaign aide told CNN that Romney decided on Ryan on August 1. GOP sources said Friday that the latter three had all been told that they wouldn’t be getting the nod.

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