Mitt at the RNC

Mitt for a third world America

Mitt for a third world America (Photo credit: JonMartinTravelPhotography)

Now we know that Mitt can look and sound presidential and smile too. However, if you listen to what he says that is another story. Last night, he tried to sound as though he was running for president (for six years or more) only reluctantly because Barack has failed. Mitt claimed that he wanted Barack to succeed so that America would succeed. He lamented all the suffering of Americans (not the 1%) during the Great Recession (caused and prolonged by the GOP). If Mitt really wanted Barack and America to succeed, he would be running against Mitch McConnell. John Boehner and Grover Norquist, the real villains. Mitt could have consulted with Clint last night about how to fight villains in the movies.

Now that Mitt has secured the nomination (something that his father failed to accomplish), I would like to see him show some spine and political courage and start expressing his real convictions. He should start by saying that Obamacare and Romneycare are the same. He could promise to veto any attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act if he is elected and Congress tries to repeal.


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  1. The entire Republican Party establishment is crazy. Problem is, with the absence of a serious opposition in the Democratic Party, and especially in the absence of a hard-hitting, objective and neutral media with power of critically thinking and challenging, most people don’t know what these people are all about. In my blog, I have asked some serious questions to Romney and Ryan. Hope you have time to read and share them — if possible — with R&R. The link is at

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