Energy Independence

English: Fairfield Church, Romney Marsh.

English: Fairfield Church, Romney Marsh. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Romney Plan for a Stronger Middle Class, August 22, 2012, 21 pages full of falsehoods. I am not going to attempt to list them all; I will leave that to someone with a lot more time on his/her hands. More than half of the document consists of short quotations from “experts” that support the Romney positions.

The gist of the Romney plan is to let private enterprise drill our way to energy independence by 2020, the end of Mitt’s second term. Second term, optimistic isn’t he? Mitt wants to unite the US with Canada and Mexico in one, large North American energy production zone, that he claims will be a net exporter of energy. More of an industrial wasteland and source of air, water and carbon pollution IMHO.