NRA Headquarters, Fairfax Virginia USA

NRA Headquarters, Fairfax Virginia USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When we judge by appearances or some other easily identified characteristics, we are stereotyping and not really thinking. When we judge someone by religion,or skin color or mode of speech or language or clothing or occupation, we are not thinking. We are prejudging or stereotyping other people.

Not everyone who wears a hoodie is a thug.

Union members are workers just like you and me.

Community organizers are people helping people who need help to cope with the system.

Not all members of the NRA are gun nuts.

Most Muslims love their neighbors as much as Christians do.

Not everyone in the financial services industry is a crook.

Most politicians are honest.

Socialism comes in varying degrees.

Communism exists in pure form only in Cuba. Who is afraid of Cuba?





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