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American Buffalo (coin)

American Buffalo (coin) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good paying American jobs went away, were outsourced to low wage countries, because our laws and our tax laws made it possible. To reverse that trend and create good paying jobs here in the US for American citizens, I propose the following steps:

In order that Americans can afford to purchase American goods and services, we must increase the minimum wage to the point where it becomes a living wage. That will be a floor on which to build our economy.

Then by enforcing the laws already on the books and enacting new laws if necessary, we must encourage union membership. As corporations grow larger and more powerful, the individual worker is at the mercy of his employer. Many corporate CEOs are interested only in their stock prices and related compensation that is hundreds or thousands times as great as their lowest paid employees. This is not the case in Japan and Europe and cannot be justified here, apart from CEO greed.


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