Why I support Barack

Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan aboard an Ameri...

Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan aboard an American boat in California, 1964. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a lifelong Republican, other members of the GOP express surprise or worse at my support of the President. Sometime after Ronald Reagan’s presidency, the GOP stopped offering candidates who were good men and good for the country as a whole. If there is a class war in the US, the GOP started it. I will not support any candidate, Republican or Democratic, who will not work for the good of ALL Americans. I believe that Barack Obama has the welfare of all Americans as his goal. Therefore, I support him.

Our political system works best when we have two competing candidates and parties that offer competing solutions for the nation’s problems. What we have today are too many individuals in both parties who put their careers and welfare ahead of their duty to the country. In a word, the system is rotten with corruption. Washington, DC, makes the Augean stables look like a pristine clean room by comparison. The cleansing of the Augean stables was one of the 12 labors of Hercules in ancient mythology.

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  1. I’m surprised you include Reagan on the good-guy list, because much of what the current GOP is doing started with him. He is the one who pioneered tax cuts for the rich, deregulating big business and mass media, reducing government influence (but only so far as social programs were concerned), and combining reduced revenue with bolstered military spending.

    He was charismatic, sure, and seemed like a nice enough guy. But his tenure was characterized by rising unemployment, homelessness, crime, and America transitioning from the biggest creditor in the world to the biggest debtor. And the way the GOP idolize him nowadays is because of this. They say he “proved” that these programs worked, not for America, but for them.

    • Had to start somewhere and I didn’t want to go back all the way back to Ike. I realize that Reagan started a lot of what’s wrong with America, but it is the current GOP that has gone off a cliff. I liked Reagan’s sunny optimism. It was such a relief after Carter’s dismal years. Reagan was a good man and a good governor of California. I lived in Santa Barbara, near his ranch. I have visited his library twice and intend to go again to visit Air Force One which was not there before.

      • Yes, I suppose between Reagan and Ike, there’s only Nixon isn’t there? And that’s no good, is it? Also, I wanted to ask, what are your thoughts on why the GOP went off a cliff? I totally agree they’ve done so and have my own theories, but I’d like to hear from someone else on this.

      • I think that there is a divide in this country over how to return to the America of yesterday. There are the father-oriented, family values people and there are the more permissive folks, mother-centric people. The GOP is now dominated by born-again Christians who want to impose their values on everyone else. The 1% are using the TEA Party to keep elected GOP officials in line.

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