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Huma Abedin, an aide to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, was accused of ties to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.Is John McCain the last or only honorable Republican remaining? Yesterday he spoke out against Michele Bachmann and others attacking Huma Abedin as being connected to Muslim extremists. In 2008, I thought that McCain was not qualified to be president in a time of great economic difficulty, but I have always respected his service to our nation and his willingness to speak his mind. Again I applaud John McCain’s willingness to stand for what is right and oppose the extreme Right in his own party.

Please see Muslim brotherhood

2 thoughts on “John McCain

  1. Yes I have often thought that John Mc Cain was in the wrong party.
    It’s a shame he hasn’t realized it yet.
    I don’t know if he’s the only honorable Republican left but he is certainly one of the very few.
    Honorable Republicans are quickly going the way of the Dinosaur.
    Let’s face it; that party has been taken over by cold blooded thugs.
    In my opinion, when you say Republican now; you may as well say traitor.
    Because that is what they are.
    They’re clearly stated policies and intentions make them traitors to the American people.
    You don’t have to sell secrets to the enemy to be a traitor.
    All you have to do is sell out your own people to poverty and starvation and misery and drudgery.
    As a matter of fact if you say the word republican; three times fast; it sounds just like traitor. Really

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