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  1. Mitt is a true blue; blooded American and Mitt doesn’t understand.
    He isn’t doing anything that any American can do.
    Mitt isn’t asking anybody to stop you from investing in the Caymans and avoiding all those taxes.
    As a matter of fact; as soon as my next Social Security Disability check comes; I’m going to put all the extra cash I get every month; after I pay for my oppulent lifestyle and my mortgages on my various vacation homes and my Rolls-Royce; into Cayman Island Investments.
    Yep; no more taxes on my vast wealth for me.
    Now this is what I call justice.
    Mitt probably didn’t mention these investments before to avoid making the public feel bad. The same way he avoided hurting our feelings by not disclosing his tax returns.
    Good Ol’ Mitt. Sure is a swell fellow.
    Hey let’s elect him President; I’m sorry. I just threw up in my mouth a little.
    I gotta’ go.

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