People first

Governor Rick Perry of Texas speaking at the R...

Governor Rick Perry of Texas speaking at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. Please attribute to Gage Skidmore if used elsewhere. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our society and nation are plagued by a number of problems which, I believe, have a common cause at bottom. That cause is putting other priorities ahead of people. We could solve many of our ills if we put the people and their concerns first.

George Romney, Mitt’s father, was a true conservative and a Republican. He believed in a smaller Federal government and believed that the way to achieve it was for the states to solve people’s problems at the state and local level. When states ignored the problems of their citizens, they invited the Federal government to expand and try to solve those problems. George Romney supported the 10th amendment for states rights, but he believed in putting people’s rights ahead of states right.

Penn State put its reputation and revenue ahead of people, in this case children. If it had put the children first, the Jerry Sandusky tragedy would have been taken care of many years ago and there would have been far fewer victims.

Mitt Romney‘s Bain problems arise from putting profit ahead of people. He could have been satisfied with a few million dollars less profit and thereby treating people, their jobs and their lives with more compassion. As Rick Perry famously put it, there is a difference between venture capitalism and vulture capitalism. Until Mitt comes clean, we rightly suspect that he was a vulture capitalist.