Mitt’s two choices

Mitt Romney - Illustration

Mitt Romney – Illustration (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Mitt Romney has two choices in this election year:

He can come clean about Bain and lose


He can continue to stonewall and lose.

Mitt wants the third option, which is to stonewall on Bain and win, but that won’t happen. In winning the governor’s race in Massachusetts, he was able to stonewall and win, but that option is not available this time. This time around, Mitt has a lot more money to spend, and he is counting on that to see him over the next four months. The last thing the country needs at this point is a repeat of Nixon’s second term where the election/re-election campaign contained events that led to the president’s resignation.

4 thoughts on “Mitt’s two choices

  1. Of course I could say that Mitt probably thinks they bought it.
    Because one of the things that Mitt and the Republicans have failed to tell the NAACP is that they don’t think the black community is smart enough to know the difference and that Republicans are Americas most Racist people. Of course they don’y just lack respect for black people. They have such a swollen idea of their own intellect and savvy that they think if they tell the lie well enough and often enough; we will all believe it.
    Because Mitt and the Republicans may have a special contempt for African Americans (well;; no doubt they have) but really; they see all non-Republicans as uneducated,gullible,low-lives whose with no ability to understand or detect what a sad, grasping piece of work Mitt and his cronies really are.
    Sorry for the double. I had just pushed “post” when I realized I wasn’t done whipping this pathetic SOB.

    • Thanks for both. Republicans believe in a property qualification for the right to vote, the more property you own, the more your vote is worth. I’ve been reading about the vote in England before one man-one vote. Only a few property owners had the vote and they generally voted as the lord of the manor dictated. If they did not, he took his business elsewhere. And there was no secret ballot, you voted in front of your neighbors similar to the caucus system now in some states.

  2. I have been amazed at how Mitt has skated through without anyone finding a serious skeleton in his “Oh so well appointed” Walk-in closet.
    It seems unlikely to me that the Republican party could field a candidate whose closet is clean.
    But Mitt appears to be a scandal waiting to happen. Of course as someone said just lately; Mitt tells such a ridiculous number of lies that it is hard for the media or the voters to follow and this is a strtategy is working well.
    Of course getting a Republican to believe lies is as easy as falling down stairs.
    As long as the lies are told by a wealthy, charismatic lyer and a Republican leader.

    “What? Mitt says we have a mandate from an alien race to save America from the Democrats who worship Satan and eat Republican children?”

    “I believe that; if Mitt says so”

    Because in order to be a Republican; you have believe alot of lies. And tell them as well.

    But we know Mitt doesn’t always lie. With typical Republican arrogance and stupidity, Mit decided that the best time for him to tell the truth about his plans was before a meeting of the NAACP.
    Mitt told them that he planned to do away with Obamacare and cut social programs etc.
    Yep; that Mitt is one Fart Smeller.
    And yep; even though he is commonly accepted to be a lyer; they believed his every word.
    Well except when he told them that if they wanted the best President for the African American community; they should vote for Mitt.
    I guess all that truth telling was too much for him and he finally broke down and told a real whopper.

    • FOX News, the official sponsor of the GOP. Unfair and unbalanced and that’s just the reporters. FOX is very popular here in Utah, and so is Glenn Beck in what some have labelled Glenn Beckistan.

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