Super E. coli in chickens

Low-temperature electron micrograph of a clust...

Low-temperature electron micrograph of a cluster of E. coli bacteria, magnified 10,000 times. Each individual bacterium is oblong shaped. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We feed antibiotics to chickens to make them bigger, faster thus making more money for the industry. Now there is a super variant of E. coli that is antibiotic resistant. It is causing persistent urinary tract infections in women. Just as pesticides in the environment and in food, IMHO, are causing breast cancer.

Now industry led by Monsanto wants us to consume genetically modified foods to increase their profits. Recently some genetically modified feed grains started producing cyanide for reasons scientists cannot identify. Big business will continue their practices making more and more profit until such time as they kill off the human race, and chickens and others will inherit the earth.