Taxed enough already


Taxes (Photo credit: Tax Credits)

I am thoroughly tired of misleading statistics that purport to show that the wealthy pay more than their fair share. Baloney. The fair way to show the true burden of taxes is to add all the taxes and fees that a family incurs and divide that by gross family, or individual, income for the unmarried. The wealthy claim that they pay most of the nation’s Federal income tax. Maybe that is true, but the lower income earners among us pay taxes too. The payroll tax and sales tax and licenses and fees can add up to a hefty amount. And let us not forget local property taxes which all of us pay even if we do not own property because it is included in our rent. Total all those taxes and divide by family income. I do not have access to a chart or graph to support my numbers, but I am willing to bet, not the Romney $10,000 small bet,  but a small bet that the burden on the poor is a similar or higher percentage than on the wealthy, with their tax breaks, pay.