Ronald Reagan wearing cowboy hat at Rancho del...

Ronald Reagan wearing cowboy hat at Rancho del Cielo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If Ronald Reagan were alive today, what would he think of the current GOP? He would recognize the direction of the current GOP as one he had set in motion. However, I believe he would be appalled by the extremism that the current GOP has embraced and labelled it his legacy. Reagan was much more a moderate than an extreme right-wing fanatic. He was a union member, then a union president during his days in Hollywood. Reagan knew when to compromise and he was not afraid to raise taxes. He learned how to do that during his eight years as governor of California. Those on the far Right who claim Ronald Reagan as a patron saint do no know Ronald Reagan.

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  2. I think President Reagan would be appalled at the current state of the GOP, not because of how radical they have become, but at how far they have strayed from its founding principals. Reagan believed in limited government and referred to his economic adviser, one of my all time favorites, Milton Friedman on how to handle the economy and because of this he managed to turned the entire economy around after the disastrous presidency of Jimmy Carter. He did not support bailouts and more government regulation, he simply lowered taxes and got off the backs of the private sector. He did not create jobs, he got out of the way so that the free markets can grow organically. Yes he did raise taxes, but he regretted it and vowed never to do it again.

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